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Sell Auto Parts Online with Fast, Accurate Fitment Data

The US aftermarket will reach nearly $535 billion in 2024. It includes over 535,000 businesses serving 290 million vehicles. Online parts sales are projected to over $200 billion by 2030. To serve this audience, online auto parts buyers need constant validation that the selected part will fit their vehicle and should be woven throughout the online buying journey.

Why? Because the auto parts buying process is complex, most buyers lack knowledge, leading to low confidence and abandoned purchases.

This is the opportunity for auto part retailers. By providing an online shopping experience that 1) guides buyers to the exact part(s) they need and 2) reassures buyers throughout the shopping journey that the selected part will fit their vehicle, auto part retailers can increase consumer confidence, increase purchases and increase overall customer satisfaction.

Ultimate Auto Parts Toolkit’s e-commerce solution powered by data from ShowMeTheParts was created to solve this exact consumer pain point. By providing highly visual, vehicle-specific fitment data solutions and search capabilities, retailers can signal to buyers at the most crucial on-site buying steps, that the select part is accurate, helping buyers complete purchases and feel confident they bought the correct product.

We offer fitment data solutions for the most important steps in the on-site buying process. All the way from Search to Discover to Consideration and finally Check Out.

Year Make Model Selector

Make on-site part search a breeze with our robust Year-Make-Model Selector. Customers know exactly which parts in your store's Shopify inventory will fit their vehicle, removing the "will this fit" frustration of buying parts online.

VIN Lookup

Don't know your vehicle's year, make or model? Our VIN Lookup feature helps shoppers quickly find products that are tailored to their individual vehicle.

Fitment Status Banners

A header banner that displays the vehicle YMM to the buyer so they have a visual reference point across the site as to which vehicle they have selected.

PDP Fitment Verification

Right on the product page shoppers will see a high-impact visual induction of a green check or red cross that confirms if a part will fit their selected vehicle.

Cart Fitment

Once an item is added to a shopper's cart, our solution displays fitment data confirmation. Reconfirming and assuring buyers that the part that was added to the cart was in fact the proper part.

Reach out to [email protected] or talk to an SMTP sales rep on how to get started with on-site fitment data today!

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